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Step Into Your Power - Women's Mini Conference with Chartered Accountants Ireland

Last week I had the privilege to speak to female members of the Chartered Accountants Ireland about being your Authentic Self.

I spoke about the fact that I went through my childhood as an undiagnosed dyslexic and briefly touched on the impact it had on my sense of self-worth and ability.

Thankfully, through coaching and building self-awareness, I realised the gift that dyslexia can bring. I realised my heighten awareness of my environment, intuition, curiosity and ability to think multi-dimensionally is not in spite of my dyslexia, it is because of it.

I was able to step outside the limitations society and childhood experiences imposed on me and become my authentic self with all my perfections and imperfections.

This understanding has fuelled my passion for learning, development and coaching. During my earlier career, I have written two academic textbooks and continue to write both for business and pleasure. My skill as an executive coach is heighten because of the gift of dyslexia and whilst I think written things might take me that little bit longer, I can often get there quicker in the end.

Remember - the things that make you different… make you. What makes YOU and how will you celebrate it?

You can watch the recording of the webinar here.

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