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Patricia did more for me in 2 sessions than I would have achieved doing this on my own over a year.

Colleagues at Work


I needed clarity, fast. I needed confidence to move. I wanted the direction to be perfect.



Maximising my position to optimise my performance is no longer just a nice idea. It's mine.

Executive Coaching & You

"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself." - Glinda, the Good Witch, Wizard of Oz

As a former senior executive in Financial Services, I have climbed many mountains throughout my career.  


Rich with experience and qualified in numerous modalities, I am in a unique situation to be able to facilitate you in achieving your continued professional success. 


Professional mountains are where opportunities for growth occur.


In doing so, you can recognise how best to navigate your professional challenges while delivering your day-to-day role. Successfully managing up, managing your team, and tending to your own needs for rest, self-care and personal reflection is almost always more effective when done with an executive coach. 

My Executive Coaching programmes (especially the Women in Leadership "Good Witch" Business programme) have been inspired by the clients I am fortunate enough to serve. I work with individuals from mid-level to CEO positions (both Male and Female). I also specialise in working with executive women: (10+ years' experience) and a growing group of NextGen women in business (1 to 10 years experience). 

My programmes are for professionals who already know that their climb can be made more efficient and effective with an Executive Coach who has already done what they are setting out to achieve.

Patricia Byron is also a motivational speaker who advocates for women's success in the workplace through her Corporate Talks.

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My Approach

What you don't say tell us me as much about you as you do say.

I use a holistic, diverse approach to make the unknown, known.

Together, we will find the approach that is best for you, to navigate your current professional mountain or walk your own yellow brick road.

There are many reasons to consider coaching. Themes that recur in my work with clients include: 

  • increasing self-awareness

  • finding focus in work and life

  • embracing a new work role

  • managing your team

  • navigating your organisation

  • planning for the future


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Partners and Clients

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