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I can see further because of the mountains I fell my way up.

Starting my career in financial services in London, I was surrounded by a male centric culture and mindset. I would like to say that very early on in my career, I understood how to get my voice heard at the table, navigate ways to avoid exclusion from the “old boy’s” network or feel comfortable about championing my way of doing things.


Unfortunately, that was not the case. I struggled with confidence, recognising my own abilities, believing in myself and understanding how to navigate this male dominated environment.

It took me many years to work on my own leadership style in senior leadership roles to recognise my own values and have my voice heard. I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz caught up in a storm, in a male dominated land of munchkins and wizards, feeling unsure of myself and a little scared.


Eventually I managed to find my own path and realised just like Dorothy did.


“You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

Once I finally understood this and identified my personal strengths and skills, I felt empowered, happier, and more in control. I recognised my inner talents and understood the unique challenges women face and how to deal with them.


Since then, my passion has been to support women in the workplace discover their unique talents and strengths. Bringing women together to spend time focusing on their own development needs and personal leadership style. I am also a strong advocate of wellbeing in the workplace and support individuals and organisations with Mental Health & Wellbeing programmes.

More on coaching here.

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I had a great opportunity to be coached by Patricia while I was looking for my next professional challenge.


After two coaching sessions I learnt that we can really change and improve ourselves and others with the proper attitude, reactions and the right words. The sessions were a great learning experience given by Patricia's kind and powerful approach. Patricia has the ability to get to the roots of an issue and knows the right questions to ask. Patricia enabled me to improve my self-awareness and define what I really want out of professional life.


I would highly recommend Patricia's coaching as a means to maximising your performance and reaching the goals you thought were unobtainable. Patricia is understanding, knowledgeable, direct, but most important of all, I never felt like I was with a professional, it felt more like I was talking to a friend. Thank you Patricia for your support helping me to gain back my confidence in my abilities, identify my skills and strengths which helped me to make the right decision when choosing the next job that’s right for me!

HR Manager - Creative Industry, Dublin

Facilitation  for Performance 


I have a deep understanding of the theories, research and practical strategies for learning throughout life.  

As an experienced performance consultant and  facilitator, I aim to deliver real techniques and strategies to support ongoing lifelong learning and personal skills and leadership development.


  • Master's in Learning & Teaching

  • Diploma in Executive Coaching

  • Diploma in Corporate Wellbeing Coaching

  • Diploma in Organisational Change

  • Diploma in Systematic Team Coaching  

  • Licensed NLP Practitioner

  • Certificate in Life Coaching

  • Professional Development Certificate in E-Learning & Instructional Design


Experienced and accredited to administer several behavioural psychometric tests, including DISC, EQI and Team Audits. 


Member of EMCC, ICF & IITD

EMCC Senior Practitioner 

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An Executive Approach


I am absolutely sure that you have the power within you to find the solution. Learning how to locate, interpret and then leverage that power is a learned skill. 

My job is to facilitate you in learning that skill as efficiently as possible as it applies today, either in the situation or invitation you are now facing.


I do that by drawing on my experience and qualifications in a range of coaching modalities.

Recently taking my own advice, I have moved from Dublin to Wexford, however I continue to work nationally and internationally. 

Should you be facing a professional mountain of your own and seeking a coach to support you in navigating your way through it, my 1 theme in 20 minutes is an ideal first step. 

Free Session: 1 theme in 20 minutes

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