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Recent articles written or contributed to by Patricia Byron.

Patricia is passionate about coaching and supporting the female leader in the workplace.

A lot of her clients are dealing with pushing up through the leadership pipeline whilst dealing with health issues such as menopause or infertility, which tend to be be taboo subjects in the workplace

Patricia also runs a Good Witch programme for women based on the concept of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz.

Patricia Byron is an associate lecturer in leadership and management at UCD who agrees that it’s important to master the art of feedback.

“It’s essential for maintaining employee motivation, development correction and clarifying goals,” she says.

Patricia Byron, an associate lecturer in leadership and management at University College Dublin and an executive coach, says mistakes are opportunities for learning.

“If it weren’t for scientists making mistakes and having the positive approach that out of failure comes new learning, we wouldn’t have the amazing breakthroughs we have today,” Patricia Byron

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