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I Am A Very Lucky Person. I know I Am, I’m Sure I Am, I think I Am…!

I often wonder how some people seem to be luckier than others.

I have been lucky to work with many coaches across Ireland, UK, Europe and Asia.

Many of my coaches mention the word luck when describing their progress as they climb up the leadership pipeline.

It's the same regardless of location, industry or role.

“I was lucky to get that promotion; I was just in the right place at the right time’. ‘ I was lucky to have a good boss’ I was lucky to get that new contract, new client and so on.

And on the reverse, I have also heard many people talk about how unlucky they are, to have missed that promotion, had a bad boss, lost a contract, client etc. It holds them back…they are stuck or cannot progress.

Other than the luck of winning the lottery, from my experience, luck is a matter of confidence. Reframing the thought from “I am so unlucky to have a bad boss’ to ‘I am so lucky to be given an opportunity to shine as an emerging leader’ and suddenly your outlook on life changes.

It's a matter of focusing on what we have rather than the have not.

When faced with a challenge, so often we see it as something that will bring us down, rather than an opportunity for growth. Accept challenges that push you out of your comfort zone, take risks, see obstacles as learning opportunities.

Trust that every (informed) decision you make will always be the right decision because you made it based on the information you had at that time.

Don't take things too personally, if it goes wrong, find the learning from it and move on.

Luck favors the brave!

But sometimes luck needs the help of an Executive Coach to help you on your way.

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