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The Flipped Classroom in Training & Facilitation

The Flipped Classroom is a growing trend in Learning and Development nowadays,

But do you know what exactly means the term ‘Flipped Classroom’ in terms of training, facilitation and performance events and the options it gives.

The concept seems simple but there’s a lot more to it than you think. The Flipped Classroom or the inverted classroom model (ICM), is a blended-learning method in which a self-directed learning phase (individual phase) precedes the group interactive phase.

In traditional training, participants acquire knowledge in a ‘training room setting’ and very often at the hands of “Death by PowerPoint’. They are then sent away to synthesise, analyse and evaluate this in the workplace. Very often, all the good work carried out during the "training day' is forgotten or overtaken by the workplace demands.

Learning is not embedded and the organisations return on investment is not as desired.

However, in the flipped classroom model, participants acquire knowledge before the group session begins and then use the group sessions to practice and apply concepts and ideas through interaction with peers and facilitator.

This type of learning and development shifts individuals from passive learning to accelerated learning which fosters increased performance and learning at cognitively demanding levels such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation.


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